Foot Pedals:

BOSS OD-1 (Overdrive)
BOSS BF-2 (Flanger)
BOSS CE-2 (Chorus)
Dunlop CryBaby wah pedal
Digitech Whammy II.Roland Space Echo RE-150

This is said to be the secret to Ronni's superb tone - Roland Space Echo RE-150. It's a delay effect using a tape cartridge, and you can use it as a preamp by increasing the input. Even though Ronni said in the interview right after Realized Fantasies came out that he did not use RE-150 as a preamp, many Le Tekro researchers (a.k.a. Ronni wannabes:) think that he definitely uses it as a preamp. This is a very old effect and you will never find the new one. If you do find a brand new one, it's worth $$$. I heard that the cartridges are expensive and it's very hard to find somebody who can repair this dinosaur effect these days.

Rack Effects:

BOSS DD-3 (Digital Delay)
PMP BUF V (a buffer amp converts high impedance to low impedance)
BOSS SD-2 2 (Dual Over Drive)
KORG AT-12 (tuner)

Amplifiers Used Live:

Marshall 2203 (used on tour in Japan on the right side of the stage)
Marshall JCM800 (used on tour in Japan on the left side of the stage)
Crate Cabibets (used live touring)

Amplifers Studio:

Crate Blue Voodoo
Misc (several other amps)

Dunlop Tortex Jazz guitar pick
The guitar pick to the left in the picture is Ronni's guitar pick called Dunlop Tortex Jazz, and it's made of Derlin. Compare the size with the normal guitar pick to the right. Tortex Jazz is a lot smaller and it is really good for fast picking. There are three kinds of thickness and each has own color: Light (0.50mm - orange), Medium (0.88mm - green), and Heavy (1.14mm - purple). And there are two kinds of tips: Round (1) and Sharp (3). His is "H3" which means "H"eavy and "3" (Sharp). It's thick and very hard to bend.

Ronni is now a sponsor for Sound Pressure Distribution AS in Norway and will be using B-52 guitar amps exculsively

He will be using B-52 ST-100A tube amp LG-412V slant rack.

Sound Pressure Distribution AS
Roy Andersen
Solheimsgt 72000 Lillestrøm
Tlf: 63 81 47 64Fax: 63 81 47 11
Mobil: 95 13 47 16


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